NLP Presenter Training Certification

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Sharpen the saw and become the leader and presenter you always dreamed of

Like it or not, your ability to present your ideas and influence people is an essential skill, especially if you want to climb the corporate ladder or build your own business.

Presenter Training is a skills based approach to presenting ideal for those who wish to become even more creative and persuasive. It offers a combination of tried, tested and proven presenting and stage techniques, seeking to enhance any individual strengths you have. If you want to promote your abilities within a corporation, Presenter Training will show you how to present effectively, creatively and persuasively, enabling greater corporate success.

If you are aspiring to become a practitioner or a coach, or run some other form of enterprise it is also essential to be able to present effectively, creatively and persuasively. We have developed this Presenter Training Programme to provide you with these skills and more.

This is an intensive course, offered in a classroom format. This course is a specialist certification for aspirational students and is designed for those who are seeking a training or related career option, or have the need to enhance their presentation skills in their existing role.

This 4 day course, made up of two modules, is the final course for completion of the IAP Diploma of NLP Leadership and Coaching

This course is a skills based approach to presenting ideal for those who wish to become even more creative and persuasive. It offers a combination of tried, tested and proven presenting and stage techniques, seeking to enhance any individual strengths you have.

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Why choose this course?

The most sophisticated structure in the known universe is inside your head. Most of us will never reach anything like our potential because there has never been any kind of operator's manual for it's until now. NLP is that manual.

You too can join 1000s of others just like you who have learned the core skills, beliefs and strategies of the most successful people on the planet through our NLP training, and take your life to the next level. Our aim is to make our NLP Presenter Training Certification the best investment you ever make in yourself or your business.

Professional Development

The business applications of Neuro Linguistic Programming are immediate and profound. No matter how good you are now, experience tells us that you can expect your professional life to significantly improve when you implement NLP skills and knowledge.

Personal Development

Some of our NLP Graduates have come to be better parents, partners or to just undo some pretty shabby childhood conditioning. In essence NLP shows you that you have much more control over your life than 99% of the population think we do, and better still, it gives you the techniques to master your own mind.

Sporting Performance

IAP’s training makes you aware of your unconscious patterns and provides the techniques to utilise your mind to perform at a higher level.

Reduce performance related anxiety, manage competition stress, boost confidence and calm the busy mind.

What you will learn in this course
  • The Charisma Model.
  • NLP Language of Influence
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Authority, Approachability or Authenticity
  • Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs.
  • Maslow's 4 stages of learning
  • Stage Anchoring
  • Representational Systems
  • Voice modulation and projection
  • Establishing rapport leaders
  • + Much more
Download the Course Outline
You can download the Course Outline directly to your device containing what you can expect to cover during the course.
NLP Presenter Training Certification

2 x 2 Day Modules: 4 days Live Broadcast Sessions.

Live Broadcast Sessions:
19-20 Nov 2022
3-4 Dec 2022

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NLP Presenter

Training only


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Regular Price

  • Train with some of the best in the industry.
  • 4 Full training days (Total Course Hours : 60 Hrs).
  • Discounted Web Listing as an NLP Practitioner with IAP (value $197 per year).
Gordon Young

Meet The Trainer

Gordon Young is the founder of the IAP and the curator of the IAP Self Mastery Programme. He has been teaching NLP courses for 15 years.

Gordon has written courses recognised by the AQF (Australian Quality Framework). His unique approach to NLP has now has advocates in university programmes across the country, and his approach is currently taught in some MBA programmes.

He was a Founding Executive Member and later the Chair of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) as well as the President of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists (ASCH).

Gordon is recognised internationally as a leader in the field, and was recently chosen as one of Australia’s 100 leading influencers across all industries and professions by the largest Leadership study of its type in the Southern Hemisphere.


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Our Guarantee

If life gets in the way and you cannot complete, you can defer and pick it up again later.

You may also get credits towards the full diploma for units you have completed. it couldn’t be easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is training. It is not a motivational session that feels empowering for three days and then fades away. There is no dancing, no group hugs or giving each other massages. Whilst fun, this is not building lifelong skills. If you are looking for the PUMP IT UP model of NLP we are not it, and whilst dancing is fun, you can go dancing for free. Ours is a mature experiential training and whilst we do have a lot of fun and humour if you are looking for a rare toolkit, a toolkit that less than 1% of the population ever attain, we may well be the best decision you ever make.

No invasive and unwelcomed up-sells. Some providers can spend up to a day and a half of a 7 or 8-day training offering up-sells to either further training or products at the back of the room. Our view is that you pay to be trained, not sold to. It is your time, NOT ours.

You get a full 8 days training. Some other providers schedule 8 days but if you look closely, the 2 Mondays are only half days, therefore, it is actually 7 days training.

Qualifications of the trainers – some have very few qualifications or experience. Look at our Faculty. It is absolutely the most expert faculty in the field. You have a full range of support and expertise behind our courses.

Security. This is an unregulated field. You may be surprised and even dismayed that right now, you could market yourself as an NLP trainer without consequence. As a result, the field is prone to constant incursions from poorly trained and inexperienced people passing themselves off as experts. These people do a lot of damage because people are entrusting their mental state and their futures to these trainers who have at best, a cursory understanding of NLP. This means you can be poorly advised. We take our responsibilities as trainers seriously. We wanted to be the best we could be so you can be the best you can be. We trained extensively with the best in the world. We waited until we had worked with over 1000 clients before we even dared to teach others.

And in the field, experience is crucial. You cannot be effective without it. NLP is not something you can read about and then teach effectively. Every coaching client teaches you something. When we are teaching we bring up to 20 years (15+ full time) experience to the table.

We have your best intentions at heart. If you watch our graduates on video you will see the recurring statement that we clearly care about our students. We want you to get it and use it and that means we have to give you everything we can in the time we have.

Part of the difference is our training with the Milton H Erickson Foundation Phoenix Arizona, the Birthplace of NLP. If you don’t know about it, you should. NLP was largely modelled on the work of Milton Erickson, the father of modern hypnosis. I was trained by his direct students. I am just 2 steps away from Erickson and you will be just 3 steps away from Erickson. When a model goes through many hands it gets diluted and distorted. This has happened to NLP. With us you will get a pure form of NLP, arguably closer to the original creation than any other version in Australia.

If you need the support of the trainer before or after class, you’ve got it. If you need a quick chat 5 years after training with us because something is niggling you, you’ve got it. If you want to resit the course, you’ve got it. And if you want email reminders of course content and suggestions on how to use it, you’ve got it for two full years after the course.

We are not the cheapest, however, we see ourselves as the best value for money in the field. When you add in the enormous amount of extra materials you get, you cannot compare us with any other provider. Full audio and video of the courses are just the beginning in many cases.

Are you aspirational but are having trouble getting traction? Ever have awkward conversations? Have trouble reading and predicting behaviour? Do you sometimes get caught out trying to convince someone of something and they just aren’t coming onboard? Do you struggle to manage up or to enlist the support of family or friends into your vision? Do you struggle to have a purpose or a vision?

Do you struggle to effectively negotiate better deals or better pay rates? Do you have trouble establishing boundaries, or have trouble dealing with difficult people? Do you get frustrated by your own negative thinking? Maybe you procrastinate, or worry, or catastrophize, or overeat, or choose the wrong partners? Do you have challenging behaviours that sometimes don’t serve you or who you want to be?

Do you self-sabotage or wrestle with an overly critical, busy, or excessively worrisome voice? Are you stressed and looking for relief from your own concerns? Do you struggle to maintain your effort, or fail to follow through on things? Do you hesitate when opportunities arise and see them as challenges? Do you hate failing or even just getting it wrong, so much so that you tend to avoid action?

Do you avoid confrontation? Struggle to set boundaries, or think that you don’t love yourself enough? Do you find you don’t have enough confidence in communication, sometimes struggling to gauge how your message is landing? is it more hit and miss than purposeful, skilled communication?

If you answered YES any of these, or the issue has held you back and cost you more than our tuition fees over the years in lost opportunities or compensatory behaviours like alcohol, drugs or cigarettes or even retail therapy, then our NLP Practitioner could easily be the best investment you will ever make in your life. Nothing will change unless you do something about it. This is your best chance to create a more compelling future!

Absolutely. We weren’t always trainers or coaches. NLP gives you a powerful personal toolkit, that is still highly sought after by companies and individuals alike. If you learn this well and become an accomplished Practitioner you could command $1000s per day as a trainer, coach or speaker. NLP will also help you excel in any enterprise. A good Master Practitioner should have a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. Many graduates have come to NLP specifically to build the skills and confidence to set up their own consultancies.

NLP is a powerful tool of persuasion. that is absolutely true. But NLP is not inherently bad because it is effective. It all comes down to the practitioner and their intent. We teach people that it is important to only use NLP for GOOD. That helping people get out of their own way is good, or Presenting a win-win situation is good. Operating out of selfish needs to the detriment of other is NOT good. Will you be more powerful and effective once you have learned and mastered NLP? Yes!! And, that requires you to be more responsible too.

In life generally there will always be someone who will deliver a service “cheaper’. The problem you have as a comsumer is, is it the same service, or a diluted or inferior service. No two NLP Practitioner Trainings are the same. No two trainers are the same. Many see parallels in the personal training space. There are some experienced and expert trainers out there doing a great job. And there are other trainers who have done two weekends claiming the same expertise. This is a problem for the industry. People spend their hard earned money, and put their personal safety at risk with trainers who don’t have the knowledge or experience to get them effective results, or worse still, might even inadvertently get you injured. NLP is the same. NLP offers the promise of an extraordinary future, but cannot deliver if the trainers have their own limitations or are likely to teach you something that is just plain WRONG. Sometimes cheaper costs you more….and, your future is worth investing in. Maybe a better question is, why are they cheaper??? Are you the cheapest employee out there? If you are any good, my guess is “NO”. Where in life do you know of the best also being the cheapest?

Why do we have full audio and video of the courses when no other provider does this? Because any NLP Practitioner training of value should provide so much material, and so much experience, that you simply cannot absorb it all in one pass. Dr Colin Lemmon from James Cook University in Cairns claims that “the NLP Practitioner training is the most content rich course I have ever experienced. In just 8 days IAP delivers more than a university would deliver in a full semester.” With the online resources you can review and refine your experience in your own time and at your own convenience. If you want to get good at this, the online resources will be key to your success. P.S. We do hear that other schools claim that this is overkill. The real issue is that these resources cost $10,000s to produce and most simply won’t, or cannot afford to produce the materials. We will leave it to you to assess why that is.

If you cannot attend every day, know that you have the video coverage you could watch and catch up, or know that you can sit in again ABSOLUTELY FREE on the next course if you wish.

Yes you can. The body of knowledge is in our view and essential underpinning for a coach, but just doing the intial 8 day Practitioner won’t give you structure or the complete skillset to coach at any significant level. There are plenty of schools claiming that you can, but in reality, the chances of you doing a short training and suddenly being effective enough to command $100s per hour as a coach as slim at best.

The reality is that skills take time to develop. The Diploma of NLP and Coaching which is 20 days in total,across several months will definitely allow your skills to develop. We have full-time coaches who have come out of this training, and we ourselves employ people who have come through this pathway.

We pack a lot into these 8 days. It is true that many schools will do fewer days and deliver less content, preferring to deliver much of it in NLP Masters instead. If you are assuming that all NLP practitioner certifications are the same and will provide you with equal value, then you are mistaken. Ideally, your first NLP Practitioner training should be the best investment you ever make in yourself or your company. That won’t be true for you if you cut corners, or choose schools based on price or scheduling. Look for the best training you can afford, and find a way to make it happen.

The question should be, what do you not get on the video? You get the FULL NLP course content. Every day, every subject, every demonstration. Why do we do it when others schools don’t? Because you have no way of absorbing everything we deliver in real time. It is crucial to be able to go back over the material and keep the learning alive for LIFE.

That is exactly why we give you full course audio and video so you can supplement class time. Repetition is the mother of skill.

(1) Save $1000s on negotiating for cars, household goods, or make more by renegotiating your pay
(2) Save the irritation/awkwardness of not knowing how to tackle thorny issues in the workplace
(3) ever avoid a difficult conversation -have more meaningful and proactive conversations before the situation becomes untenable. Ever struggle to bring up something without tone or emotion. Own your emotions.
(4) Deal with difficult people in the workplace – take your power back and instead of being velcro, learn how to be Teflon
(5) discover ways to minimise conflict, get your message heard and build agreement with colleagues, team members, stakeholders, and even family

You will have the tools to:
1) be more discerning about which thoughts and/or feelings you pay attention to internally, and which ones you choose to ignore - this is the pivot point of your life
2) Change any unhelpful mindset into an optimised mindset in less than 30 seconds and facilitate the same in others – colleagues, children, partners
3) The ability to silence any internal dialogue that gets in the way of your happiness or effectiveness
4) Stop procrastination or hesitation
5) Build an unconscious rapport with others
6) Effectively read the listening styles of others and tailor your communication to make your message land more predictably.
7) Speak with influence and authority and understand the power of word choice
8) Consciously choose your reactions even when yo0u feel horribly triggered by others
9) Confidently put yourself forward and start focusing on what you can do rather than what you can’t
10) Be able to pick up the linguistic markers that reveal what people are really thinking

“My parents did the course and it had an amazing impact on our family and the way we live our lives.
I found the course inspiring and it gave me practical tools to apply NLP in my own life. I would highly recommend it to others seeking personal or professional development.”

Bec Lucas
Assistant Brand Manager, Founder of Walk4BrainCancer.

“Gordon has a magical ability for game-changing, especially in the area of altering the way in which the mind thinks and reacts. I can highly recommend him whenever you are needing to flick the switch to more effective modes of thinking, whether it’s at a personal, professional, or business team level.”

Brodee Myers-Cooke
Editor in Chief, Taste.com.au Magazine, News Corp.

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